Learning Links

Scientific Learning Corp. –  Fast Forward program information and links

Dysgraphia – Information about the learning disability

Amazon.com –  Books on Autism and Aspergers

Dyslexia – Types of Dyslexia and studies about the learning disability

UK Learning Disabilities General links on Autism, Aspergers, APD, CAPD, ADHD

Asperger Syndrome – Book Links for Aspergers information and resources. More information on Asperger Syndrome.

Auditory Processing Disorder –  Description and tips for Auditory Processing Disorder. More information on ADP.

Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences

Learning Center –  Learning Style inventories and study/test taking tips

Multiple Intelligences –  Information and links on Wikipedia

Learning Disabilities (General)

Special Needs –  General information on learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities Resource Community – BBS, links and other resources on learning disabilities

Educator Resources/Products

Math DrillsFree mathematical PDF worksheets covering a wide variety of topics

Learning Library K-5 – A Resource for learning games, workshops, lesson plans and more

Creative Learning Centre –  General information on learning/working styles and preferences

Advocacy/Special Ed Law

Wrights Law –  Law & Advocacy


Wright’s Law – Special Education Laws and Advocacy